About us, and what we do

MGN Consultancy provides people and program management support services to not-for-profit organisations, statutory authorities and state and local government authorities. We are a highly regarded and experienced team of people and program management consultants.

MGN can strengthen the capacity of your organisation to effectively govern and support staff, and develop and deliver effective programs in response to the needs of your clients. We have 14 years experience working with a multiplicity of stakeholders throughout Victoria.

In particular, we have:

  • Extensive experience at undertaking complex and sensitive program and systems evaluations.
  • Capacity to assist organisations to develop and manage change.
  • A strong reputation for relationship management and working with our clients to achieve desired outcomes.
  • The capacity to deliver complex projects on time and within budget.

MGN Consultancy has clients who have used our services over many years. We are held in high regard for our independence, the quality of our reports and our preparedness to work with clients to identify the most effective methodologies for a project. We also recognise the importance of continual review of a project’s progress, and refinement of project activity and tasks within the project budget. MGN is committed to actively supporting clients to measure success, manage risk and to identify strategic direction.

We work sensitively and effectively with clients who require high levels of confidentiality and where stakeholder management has been a complex and ongoing component of project management and support.

The Nautilus

The nautilus is a symbol of integration and connectedness and the critical relationship between progression of growth and proportion. MGN believes in this balance – keeping business and service delivery growth in balance with the other essential components of success: employer of choice, customer focussed services, strong evidence bases and effective stakeholder relationships. The nautilus has been a symbol of balance for thousands of years – let it be a symbol of the way MGN will work with you as a client.


Capability Statement

Here's our latest capability statement

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CPTED Professional Development Workshops and Assessments

MGN has been approached many times in the last year or so to discuss workshops for CPTED or to undertake assessments for local government projects.

We have always been in this space, as an Executive member of ASCF, Community Safety consulting providers and one of the best known CCTV impact evaluation providers. We’ve been doing public space assessments for community safety for years. Our experience in the justice system in Victoria is also extensive.

Our professional development series is focused on broadening council officer participation so that CPTED becomes a whole of council responsibility, and is focused squarely on the principles and practice of building and sustaining places where people feel and are safe.

Talk to us about CPTED and how we can partner with you to strengthen your Council’s knowledge and approaches to this vital and often complex methodology.